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Nurture Life® Pregnancy Massage is a holistic perinatal massage developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia®  that supports women who are nurturing new life. From conception, a woman’s body is constantly changing on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Nurture Life® Pregnancy Massage focuses on mother baby connection creating a warm, safe, secure and nurturing environment where mum can rest, relax and recharge.


Treatment Session Explained

As a Nurture Life® practitioner, I have the tools to assist with the many changes a woman’s body encounters from week to week. I deliver specialised massage treatment that focuses on nurturing both mother and baby. Each session begins with a consultation, which allows me to review any changes the body has undergone, and treat accordingly in a safe manner.

Consultation Fees

75 mins  $110.00 p/session (includes 15 minute consultation)


“I received three exceptional massages from Elizabeth Cessario during the third trimester of my pregnancy. Liz targeted those areas of my body that were under stress due to the extra weight I was carrying. Liz was able to make those last few weeks bearable. Before each massage Liz took the time to comprehensively assess the progress of my pregnancy, any new changes to my body and was fully aware of my medical history. After each massage my sleep improved, I felt relaxed and in a better frame of mind. Discomfort had certainly reduced in my upper and lower back, legs and feet. During the massage Liz made me feel comfortable and she was able to reach all areas while lying on my side to protect my baby and ensure adequate circulation. Liz was professional and extremely friendly. She made me feel at ease and was willing to answer any questions I may have had. I previously had pregnancy massages at day spas but they definitely were not comparable to the massages offered by Liz. I highly recommend Liz and will definitely be visiting her again during future pregnancies, post labour and for an educational session on infant massage.”

A. Aston

Pregnancy Massage Benefits