Bowen Therapy

“Over the past 8 or so years I have had a lot of different therapies in trying to ease my chronic pain. Liz has been treating me with Bowen therapy for a few months now on a regular basis particularly in my neck, shoulders and hips. It has been a challenge for Liz in identifying where the origin of the pain is coming from and it fascinates me when she can explain it by actually showing me diagrams from her books. Prior to seeing Liz I had never heard of Bowen therapy and now I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from any sort of pain. It’s a very gentle and relaxing treatment. I look forward to my sessions with her knowing that it does provide relief for me.”
Y. Berry

“I was suffering from a chronic case of bursitis (frozen shoulder) on and off for 5 years. Feb 2016 it was so unbearable that I had to seek help for the pain. I had been to see a Physio, chiropractor and even tried acupuncture and although they all gave me temporary relief, the pain would return after a few days. The final step was to try a Cortisone injection but I was very reluctant to, so I went to Facebook and asked if anyone was experiencing the same and what they did about it and that’s when Elizabeth reached out and suggested to try Bowen Therapy. I was skeptical at first but made the appointment and it was surprisingly a very relaxing experience with light pressure point actions used to trigger muscle movements around the body. A few days later I had some pain in the right arm and panicked and called Elizabeth wanting to cancel the next appointment. She assured me this is normal and to persevere . Thank goodness I did, a day later the pain was gone and then week after week, after each session I was slowly getting better. The major advantages with this therapy is that it’s risk free, pain free session and no drugs or medicines needed. I was adamant to try a Natural method and it surpassed all my expectations. Elizabeth is a lovely person too and makes you feel very comfortable and always checks on you after each session. I highly recommend Bowen Therapy. I am happy to say that I almost Pain free after about 6 sessions.”
R. Awadalla

“I visited Elizabeth Cessario suffering with anxiety issues and mild depression. She spent a considerable amount of time assessing the issues before providing the relevant treatment, which was a combination Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy. Bowen Therapy like all forms of natural medicine gets the body to repair itself and requires the commitment to an extensive course of treatments to achieve the best results. The Bowen Therapy also helped with other medical issues and I have also used Elizabeth’s massage to assist with back and neck pain. At all times Elizabeth has been very professional and I would recommend Elizabeth’s services to anyone looking for natural medicine solutions to their health issues”.
A. Campbell

“Elizabeth is a loving and caring person! My son who’s 5 and a half had a bed wetting problem. His nappy was full almost every night! We went to 5 Bowen therapy sessions and now my son is nappy free for 10 days! Thank you Elizabeth so much”
D. Papic

“In January 2015, I gave birth to my first child. I had a wonderful pregnancy and feel that Bowen Therapy contributed to this. Regular treatments alleviated my heartburn, swollen ankles, aching lower back and exhaustion. I believe it facilitated a natural pregnancy. Elizabeth was very thorough in her treatment approach and I took confidence from the fact that she took time to understand my problems”.
B. Cormican

“Thirty-three years ago, I was involved in a car accident where I suffered severe whiplash. Over the last few years I have noticed pain in my body, sometimes it was unbearable. I tried many forms of treatment including acupuncture, and laser. They helped but were short lived. I was told to try some Bowen Therapy. Elizabeth Cessario has been treating me with Bowen Therapy for a couple of  years and it has made an immense difference in my life. After a couple months of treatment, I have suffered NO pain. I now go for regular sessions for maintenance. Elizabeth has always been an approachable person, and has explained what is happening in my body, and is always happy and open to answer any questions I may have”.
J. Stirton

“I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for her care and delivery of Bowen Therapy treatment. The technique is so gentle you wonder if it will actually achieve anything, but it helped me with all the issues I was having with my knees, elbows and back. After just a couple of treatments, it was like I could feel my spine aligning correctly! I recommend Elizabeth and Bowen Therapy 100%!”.



Remedial Massage

“I have been treated by Elizabeth for over 10 years for remedial massage. I have enjoyed her treatments so much that I have followed her every move. She is both very professional and empathetic. I go monthly to ward off the aches and pains of every day life. A relaxing and energising experience. I would highly recommend Liz.
M. Northcote

“I have been seeing Liz since 2012 for remedial massages and I have also been so impressed by her skill at relieving my stress and tension. Liz is always highly professional but manages to combine this with a wonderful warmth and caring nature – I would strongly recommend her!!”
S. Reynolds

“I have been seeing Elizabeth Cessario for quite some time on a regular basis for remedial massage. I had been trying to get relief from back and neck problems at the time. These problems had resulted from having a busy job and long hours of sitting down. Elizabeth was able to take away the pain and tension with her relaxing yet strong massage techniques. I am now able to cope with the job and the stress. Only recently I had a knee ligament problem, which Elizabeth has managed to ease. I would recommend anyone seeking relief from pain and stress to visit Elizabeth at least once. You will be delighted with the results and will want to continue with her services”.
S. Shirley

“I have been seeing Elizabeth for the past few years and she is awesome remedial massage therapist. Liz is very professional and has got me in a good routine to look after my back since I sit hunched over at a desk all day, everyday. I would highly recommend her to anyone! ”.
G. Gammo

“I was looking for a Remedial Massage therapist in the local area and had tried a few, but they we’re not a good match for me. I asked the Ryde District Mum’s group, and three separate members recommended Elizabeth Cessario. I’ve now seen Liz 5 times, and she has even treated my teenage son for pectoral discomfort. Liz gave me an extensive initial consultation, and each time I see her we have a short consult before the massage, so that she can tailor the treatment for my needs. It is a professional set up, and a very calming environment.I’m certainly enjoying my treatments, and would recommend Liz’s services time and time again.”
S. Petchell

“I met Elizabeth in 2012 when I was having acute pain in my shoulder and hip. Since having treatments of remedial massage and Bowen therapy, the pain has subsided by about 80% and continues to heal every day. Life is a lot better and improves daily. I find I can concentrate on other things instead of being in constant pain”.
M. Walton


Pregnancy Massage

“I have been to Liz a few times now, and always keep coming back! I felt comfortable in Liz’s care and she has treated me throughout my pregnancy – my first appointment was quite personalised, with Liz taking extra time to listen to me and cater to my needs. No matter what is on my mind, I’m always able to feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated during and after an appointment with Liz. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and caring and I would highly recommend her to family and friends!”

“I was lucky enough to have 3 pregnancy massages with Liz during my last trimester. I always felt like I was in good hands. Liz is both professional and nurturing. She helped me get through my last weeks of pregnancy. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking a pregnancy massage. Thanks Liz!”
M. Karas-Wright

“I started seeing Liz more than 8 years ago for remedial massage once a month at a particularly demanding time in my work life. In 2012 I fell pregnant with my first child and Liz massaged me throughout my entire pregnancy and even weekly in the last few months of my pregnancy. When I fell pregnant with my second child I also saw Liz for pregnancy massage. Liz is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and competent massage therapist. I always feel fantastic after a massage from Liz. She is an extremely caring person and will go to great lengths to solve or research remedies for particular issues I have had, especially throughout both my pregnancies. I highly recommend Liz and her services.”
K. Hunt

“I received three exceptional massages from Elizabeth Cessario during the third trimester of my pregnancy. Liz targeted those areas of my body that were under stress due to the extra weight I was carrying. Liz was able to make those last few weeks bearable. Before each massage Liz took the time to comprehensively assess the progress of my pregnancy, any new changes to my body and was fully aware of my medical history. After each massage my sleep improved, I felt relaxed and in a better frame of mind. Discomfort had certainly reduced in my upper and lower back, legs and feet. During the massage Liz made me feel comfortable and she was able to reach all areas while lying on my side to protect my baby and ensure adequate circulation. Liz was professional and extremely friendly. She made me feel at ease and was willing to answer any questions I may have had. I previously had pregnancy massages at day spas but they definitely were not comparable to the massages offered by Liz. I highly recommend Liz and will definitely be visiting her again during future pregnancies, post labour and for an educational session on infant massage.”
A. Aston

“After experiencing discomfort with prenatal leg cramps and difficulty sleeping, I decided to try out a pregnancy massage. Elizabeth Cessario took the time to understand my needs with a thorough consultation and I was so pleased with her attention to detail and professional approach. Liz has amazing healing hands, with a gentle technique. Regular fortnightly treatments during my third trimester has alleviated my aches and pains and I have never slept so well during my pregnancy until I sought her help. I highly recommend her pregnancy treatments for all over body relief and relaxation”.
Di Shepherd @ ‘ibelieve’ Fitness

“At almost 6 months pregnant my back was starting to ache and I hadn’t been sleeping very well. After my pregnancy massage from Elizabeth Cessario I felt so relaxed and had the best night sleep I have had in a while. Thanks Liz. I can’t wait for my next appointment!”.
L. McNiven