My Bowen Therapy Story

At twenty-one, after listening to a recommendation from a previous employer, I went along to my first Bowen Therapy module, a unique and specialised technique with a huge following in Australia and overseas.

After only the second day of study, a wondrous experience that was to live with me forever occurred. It was my turn to lay on the massage and after only a few Bowen moves from my partner, my body began reacting intensely. Feelings of heaviness and tingling proceeded what I saw as the main event, suddenly my limbs were unravelling. I began kicking my legs and waving my arms, actions eerily similar to motions babies make. Being as I was currently still in class studying the Bowen Therapy technique, I tried in vain to control the movements. I was wiped out, with my body feeling as though I had just run a 10km marathon; naturally I slept like a baby that night. This feeling of complete body exhaustion continued for some days. I also experienced my mouth suckling as if I were a newborn, and woke up one night crying for my mother, because I needed to be held.

WHY did this unique experience happen to me?

I was born via breech emergency caesarean; at the time the doctors were unaware of the position I was in, therefore my parents had no choice but for me to be delivered via caesarean. My father wasn’t allowed in the room, and I had no contact with my mother. After I was delivered, I was taken away from my mother – no skin to skin, no touching, mum was only told she had a baby girl. My birthing experience, although I don’t remember, was traumatic. What we don’t know can still affect us. Our body and mind have a great way of remembering the past; the subconscious can store trauma.

What I learnt from my experience is to never underestimate the body’s capability to heal itself. We have to trust our body, and know the body will never harm itself.

I receive regular Bowen Therapy sessions; it is my treatment of choice because it works wonders for my physical and emotional wellbeing. I sometimes still have limbs that can go a tad ‘haywire’ however I now understand it is the way my body unravels to bring itself back into balance. Bowen Therapy has helped with my injuries and muscle tension, plus any stress or anxiety is wiped clear after treatment, leaving me feeling completely relaxed upon completing a session.