4 Important Questions to ask before having a Pregnancy Massage

You're Pregnant....Congratulations!!! As the weeks pass by and your pregnancy progresses you begin to get some aches and pains, and you're seeking a pregnancy massage therapist. You start searching on google, and then pop onto your Facebook mother's page and ask for other mother's recommendation. A decision is made and you book your pregnancy [...]

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Partner Training & Massage for Labour – Wrap Up

On the 20th March, I flew down to Melbourne for the Partner Training and Massage for Labour course run by Pregnancy Massage Australia. It was held at MAMA Melbourne. Despite flight delays and terrible weather in Melbourne causing havoc for me and all the other commuters, I gained valuable information at this course. I have had the [...]

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Why I became a Nurture Life® Practitioner

Specialising in delivering perinatal massage therapy In February 2016, I became a Nurture Life® Practitioner for Pregnancy Massage. A lot of people view pregnancy massage as just another style of massage, and whilst this is true, there is so much more involved in a pregnancy massage. This is why I chose to study with Pregnancy Massage Australia and become a Nurture [...]

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Nurturing Mothers during pregnancy

Treating pregnant women (with Nurture Life ® Pregnancy Massage and Bowen Therapy) is such an amazing experience for me. I constantly witness how the human body changes; watch baby bumps grow (and even massage the belly, which I love doing). I see a number of pregnant women in my clinic, all in different trimesters therefore, [...]

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Pregnancy Massage – The importance of Side Lying

Whether you’re pregnant in the first trimester or third trimester, pregnancy massage is safe provided you seek treatment from a qualified pregnancy massage practitioner. I often see on social media pregnant women asking for recommendations of where to get pregnancy massages from. Most often I see responses such as “They have the bests with belly cut out [...]

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Pregnancy Massage and Soy Candles

I have been very quiet on the blogging from, but this is with good reason. It’s been head down bottom up at Natural Tranquility head quarters, with a few things lately. Firstly, I have been busy completing my Pregnancy Massage assignment. In early October, I attended the Pregnancy Massage Australia Massage course, and wow is [...]

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Bowen Therapy during Pregnancy

Starting a family is possibly one of the most exciting times in your life. However, it can also be stressful and taxing on the body as the body is constantly changing. Pregnancy is the time when rapid changes occur in the body i.e. hormonal and gravity changes. Both of these changes can be tough on [...]

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Pregnancy and Birth support

In 2014, my family received such wonderful news; both my sister and sister-in-law were pregnant, in fact only 6 weeks apart. Throughout the nine months, I was fortunate to treat both ladies with either Bowen Therapy or remedial massage (towards the end, both opted for Bowen Therapy). When it came to any pregnancy symptoms such [...]

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