M. Northcote

I have been treated by Liz for over 10 years for remedial massage. I have enjoyed her treatments so much that I have followed her every move. She is both very professional and empathetic. I go monthly to ward off the aches and pains of every day life. A relaxing and energising experience. I would [...]

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Y. Berry

Over the past 8 or so years I have had a lot of different therapies in trying to ease my chronic pain. Elizabeth has been treating me with Bowen therapy for a few months now on a regular basis particularly in my neck, shoulders and hips. It has been a challenge for Liz in identifying [...]

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K. Hunt

I started seeing Elizabeth more than 6 years ago for remedial massage once a month at a particularly demanding time in my work life. In 2012 I fell pregnant with my first child and Liz massaged me throughout my entire pregnancy and even weekly in the last few months of my pregnancy. When I fell [...]

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S. Reynolds

I have been going to see Elizabeth Cessario for over 4 years now for remedial massages and I have also been so impressed by her skill at relieving my stress and tension. Liz is always highly professional but manages to combine this with a wonderful warmth and caring nature - I would strongly recommend her!!

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R. Awadalla

I just wanted to give a follow up to my shoulder pain that I've been experiencing for a few months now. I had my 8th session last week and I'm so happy to say that I am pain free. I have full mobility with my shoulder now and have resumed all the exercise I used [...]

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R. Awadalla

I was suffering from a chronic case of bursitis (which caused frozen shoulder) off and on for 5 years. Feb 2016 it was so unbearable that I had to seek help for the pain. I had been to see a Physio, chiropractor and even tried acupuncture and although they all gave me temporary relief, the [...]

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K. Alves

I had pain in my shoulder making it difficult to move it. When I initially went to see Liz for a Bowen treatment I had no idea what it was, and very little faith that it would actually make much of an immediate difference to the pain. I was pleasantly surprised when immediately after the treatment [...]

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J. Sibthorpe

I started seeing Elizabeth Cessario for Bowen Therapy treatment as I was experiencing a very painful lower back. I no longer have any lower back pain, and the pain I have been experiencing in my knees, shoulders and upper arm has eased. I am very pleased with the results from my Bowen Therapy treatments thus far, and Elizabeth's gentle and compassionate [...]

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H. Foster

When I first saw Elizabeth Cessario, I could hardly walk due to a coccyx injury. Nothing seemed to be helping until I tried Bowen Therapy. The body is so amazing, all those interesting sensations while it heals itself. I highly recommend everyone try Bowen Therapy. It didn't only improve my lower back but also my [...]

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S. Petchell

I was looking for a Remedial Massage therapist in the local area and had tried a few, but they we're not a good match for me. I asked the Ryde District Mum's group, and three separate members recommended Elizabeth Cessario. I've now seen Liz 5 times, and she has even treated my teenage son for [...]

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