K. Alves

Liz your knowledge and understanding of how to treat individuals with both the remedial massage and Bowen therapy is second to none. Thanks for taking such good care of me and my clients. I'm looking forward to my next visit with you at the clinic. Yoga in Motion

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M. Northcote

I have been treated by Liz for over 10 years for remedial massage. I have enjoyed her treatments so much that I have followed her every move. She is both very professional and empathetic. I go monthly to ward off the aches and pains of every day life. A relaxing and energising experience. I would [...]

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Y. Berry

Over the past 8 or so years I have had a lot of different therapies in trying to ease my chronic pain. Elizabeth has been treating me with Bowen therapy for a few months now on a regular basis particularly in my neck, shoulders and hips. It has been a challenge for Liz in identifying [...]

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S. Reynolds

I have been going to see Elizabeth Cessario for over 4 years now for remedial massages and I have also been so impressed by her skill at relieving my stress and tension. Liz is always highly professional but manages to combine this with a wonderful warmth and caring nature - I would strongly recommend her!!

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R. Awadalla

I just wanted to give a follow up to my shoulder pain that I've been experiencing for a few months now. I had my 8th session last week and I'm so happy to say that I am pain free. I have full mobility with my shoulder now and have resumed all the exercise I used [...]

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K. Harborne

I sought treatment for a stiff neck and pain in my shoulder. Elizabeth was able to fix my aches and pains in one session. She was knowledgeable and friendly during our treatment. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage

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G. Gammo

Elizabeth Cessario is a wonderful remedial massage therapist who treats me every couple of months. She provides a relaxing environment that allows me to escape for the hour. She helps to alleviate the stress and pressure I put on my body as I sit at a desk all day. I would highly to recommend her [...]

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M. Walton

I met Elizabeth in 2012 when I was having acute pain in my shoulder and hip. Since having treatments of remedial massage and Bowen therapy, the pain has subsided by about 80% and continues to heal every day. Life is a lot better and improves daily. I find I can concentrate on other things instead [...]

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B. Cormican

In January 2015, I gave birth to my first child. I had a wonderful pregnancy and feel that Bowen Therapy contributed to this. Regular treatments alleviated my heartburn, swollen ankles, aching lower back and exhaustion. I believe it facilitated a natural pregnancy. Elizabeth was very thorough in her treatment approach and I took confidence from [...]

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J. Stirton

Thirty-one years ago, I was involved in a car accident where I suffered severe whiplash. Over the last few years I have noticed pain in my body, sometimes it was unbearable. I tried many forms of treatment including acupuncture, and laser. They helped but were short lived. I was told to try some Bowen Therapy. [...]

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