Key Differences between Aromatherapy & Remedial Massage

I have been doing some research on people’s definition of Aromatherapy and if they know much about the benefits and how it works? Some people dabble in it and use essential oils around the home, whilst now days there is an increasing number of people becoming part of certain MLM groups, using the oils on themselves, [...]

How do Essential Oils work?

What comes to your mind when you think of Aromatherapy and essential oils? Do you view Aromatherapy as a relaxing and pampering massage, where nice smelly oils are used? Essential oils have become increasingly popular over the years, and are readily available for purchase. Essential oils definitely smell nice, but how do they work? The olfactory system [...]

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Balancing Moods & Stress Aromatherapy Workshop

The Aromatherapy workshop on balancing moods and stress using essential oils was a great afternoon, attended by women who wanted to learn how to balance moods and reduce stress using essential oils.  The workshop focused on ways to use essential oils and which essential oils can help you if you are feeling stressed, exhausted, anxious, [...]

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Essential Oils for Muscle Tension

Whether it's sitting in from of a computer, constantly looking down at our phones, exercising, or manual labour, we have all faced some form of muscle tension and/or pain before. Often we will heat our muscles to help loosen them. Did you know essential oils (due to their properties) are able to assist in relieving muscle [...]

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