Bowen Therapy & Tensegrity Medicine™

Recently I attended a 4 day Bowen Therapy and Tensegrity Medicine™ course with Kelly Clancy, a Bowen Practitioner and Occupational Therapist from Seattle. Kelly is the owner of the  Seattle Centre for Structural Medicine and Northwest School of Structural Therapy. I found this course to be simply AMAZING! With my love of fascia, I am so happy [...]

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Case Study (part 1): Bowen Therapy & Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis occurs as a result of inflammation of the glenohumeral joint and its surrounding capsule. The pain results in marked limitations of all movements[i]. A lady 60 years old presented to my clinic with frozen shoulder (left shoulder). On testing her range of movement (ROM) she could not get [...]

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The Psoas Muscle

Of all the muscles in the human body (let’s face it, there are so many.....approximately 640), the psoas muscle has to be one of my favourite. When we think about our muscles, generally we think of them contracting and relaxing and helping us move. After all muscles help us walk, sit and stand, and whilst [...]

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Is the Baby Bowen Procedure effective for baby colic?

At the Bowen Conference earlier in September, Georgi Ilchev, a Bowen Instructor from Bulgaria spoke of the Bowen Therapy Association of Bulgaria’s research into the effectiveness of the baby Bowen procedure for baby colic. This research was inspiring and so interesting, not only because I have a soft spot for helping babies, but witnessing my [...]

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International Bowen Conference Wrap Up

At the beginning of this month (2nd – 6th September), I was in beautiful sunny Cairns for the 4th International Bowen Conference held by the Bowen Association of Australia. It was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring weekends I have had during my time as a Bowen Therapist. With close to 300 people attending from [...]

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The Differences between Bowen Therapy & Remedial Massage

As a Bowen Therapy Practitioner, very few people know about or understand what Bowen Therapy is. Although, it is starting to become more known I feel there still needs to be lots more education and awareness (both to other health practitioners and the public) before it becomes well known like remedial massage, acupuncture, and other [...]

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