4 Important Questions to ask before having a Pregnancy Massage

You're Pregnant....Congratulations!!! As the weeks pass by and your pregnancy progresses you begin to get some aches and pains, and you're seeking a pregnancy massage therapist. You start searching on google, and then pop onto your Facebook mother's page and ask for other mother's recommendation. A decision is made and you book your pregnancy [...]

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Using Bowen Therapy to assist with Anxiety

I was chatting about Bowen Therapy with a guest at a Baby Shower recently and she asked me "I suffer with anxiety, am I a candidate for Bowen Therapy?"  In short, the answer is yes! Before I discuss how Bowen Therapy may assist with anxiety, it is important to understand what anxiety is, its causes [...]

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Partner Training & Massage for Labour – Wrap Up

On the 20th March, I flew down to Melbourne for the Partner Training and Massage for Labour course run by Pregnancy Massage Australia. It was held at MAMA Melbourne. Despite flight delays and terrible weather in Melbourne causing havoc for me and all the other commuters, I gained valuable information at this course. I have had the [...]

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Bowen Therapy & Tensegrity Medicine™

Recently I attended a 4 day Bowen Therapy and Tensegrity Medicine™ course with Kelly Clancy, a Bowen Practitioner and Occupational Therapist from Seattle. Kelly is the owner of the  Seattle Centre for Structural Medicine and Northwest School of Structural Therapy. I found this course to be simply AMAZING! With my love of fascia, I am so happy [...]

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