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A is a gentle, non-invasive holistic treatment developed by Thomas Bowen (1916-1982) from Geelong, Victoria.

Bowen Therapy treats the whole body, the cause rather than the symptoms.

This practice has the unique ability to enrich a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by engaging in gentle manipulation of the body, creating a deep sense of relaxation, reduced stress and increased energy. This overall euphoric feeling of wellbeing is the result of a sequence of precise movements, applied to specific points of your body. These points stimulate specific receptors (muscles and connective tissue) to restore balance and correct dysfunctions in the body. In doing so, the body has the ability to repair itself with minimal intervention.

Bowen Therapy addresses the musculoskeletal system, fascia soft tissue and internal structures such as the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. It will work to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, aid absorption of nutrients and eliminate toxins. Bowen Therapy differs from alternative manual disciplines due to its innately subtle and calming nature. Your body may continue to process and respond to treatment for up to ten days following the session.

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