4 Important Questions to ask before having a Pregnancy Massage

You're Pregnant....Congratulations!!! As the weeks pass by and your pregnancy progresses you begin to get some aches and pains, and you're seeking a pregnancy massage therapist. You start searching on google, and then [...]

Using Bowen Therapy to assist with Anxiety

I was chatting about Bowen Therapy with a guest at a Baby Shower recently and she asked me "I suffer with anxiety, am I a candidate for Bowen Therapy?"  In short, the answer is yes! [...]

Aromatic Mist….Calm Labour

Witnessing the birth of my nephew in 2015, and niece in 2016 would have to be two of the most amazing experiences I have ever encountered. For both of the births, I acted as a [...]

How to reduce swelling in joints?

My father is the biggest skeptic I know. When I began learning Bowen Therapy he didn't believe in it, couldn't see how it would possibly work UNTIL he was desperate and couldn't walk up the [...]

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