The Benefits of Remedial Massage

I was having a discussion recently with a friend (also a Remedial Massage Therapist) whether Remedial Massage is a luxury or a necessity. Some of my clients view Remedial Massage as a luxury; it’s their one splurge for the month, whilst others see it as a necessity because they have an ongoing or chronic issue.

For me, a luxury is getting pampered. This includes visiting a day spa and having a facial, Vichy shower, body scrub (oh the list is endless, and let’s pretend I’m there now), or going for a manicure and pedicure, out to an expensive restaurant, or buying a coffee every day. Why? Because I don’t NEED these things, but once in a while we all deserve to spoil ourselves.

In my opinion, I view having regular Remedial Massages whether it’s monthly, every three, six or eight weeks different to a luxury. Majority of my client’s sit in front of a computer every day and some work 40+ hours a week; they’re stressed or are mums who look after small children and run back and forth for them, in which they don’t have any ‘me time.’

Quite often (depending on work and lifestyle) your muscles begin to get tight, particularly your upper back and neck, and lower back (which may lead to clenching of the jaw, headaches, stiffness etc). If you’re of the mindset massage is a ‘luxury’ you believe the pain will subside, otherwise you have a couple of painkillers to nip it in the bud. This goes on for a while until it’s unbearable and then you decide to seek treatment in which regular treatments become necessary.

Benefits of having regular massage include (but not limited to):

  • Reduce or alleviate muscular tension, pain and stiffness
  • Reduce stress and tension, both physical and mental
  • Reduce headaches
  • Removal of toxins in the muscles
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve joint mobility and muscle tone
  • You feel refreshed and have more energy


Why should I have regular treatments?

When your car breaks down, or it needs a service, you phone the mechanic to make an appointment to get it serviced. Most of us require our cars (and rely on them) so we don’t hesitate to book it in.

If we have the dreaded grey’s come through on our head (some people don’t mind them, but most of us can’t stand them), we go to the hairdressers and spend 1.5-2 hours there getting our hair cut, and coloured every 4-6 weeks (which makes us feel so good, or maybe you don’t have the grey’s but like to dye your hair).


So why is our body any different??


Remedial Massage may not work for you (or you may not like Remedial Massage). As much as I love having a massage, I personally find Bowen Therapy works more effective for my body, so I schedule in tune ups once a month or every couple months. It may be an Aromatherapy Massage or Kinesiology or Acupuncture that works for you. The point is, I don’t believe treatments such as these are luxurious. In order to look after yourself, they’re actually very important (I think sometimes we forget how important self care is).


Can I claim back on my health fund?

I am registered for all health funds. This means, if you’re in a health fund (providing you have extras cover) you can claim Remedial Massage on the spot.


If you would like to make an appointment you can book online or contact me




Elizabeth is a Bowen Therapist, Remedial, Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapist, and Aromatherapist. Elizabeth is passionate about women's health and wellness.In addition, Elizabeth is the creator of the Nurture Mumma, Nurture Bubba Gift Packs, Baby Products and has developed a range of Aromatic Mists.
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