R. Awadalla

I was suffering from a chronic case of bursitis (which caused frozen shoulder) off and on for 5 years. Feb 2016 it was so unbearable that I had to seek help for the pain. I had been to see a Physio, chiropractor and even tried acupuncture and although they all gave me temporary relief, the [...]

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K. Alves

I had pain in my shoulder making it difficult to move it. When I initially went to see Liz for a Bowen treatment I had no idea what it was, and very little faith that it would actually make much of an immediate difference to the pain. I was pleasantly surprised when immediately after the treatment [...]

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The Psoas Muscle

Of all the muscles in the human body (let’s face it, there are so many.....approximately 640), the psoas muscle has to be one of my favourite. When we think about our muscles, generally we think of them contracting and relaxing and helping us move. After all muscles help us walk, sit and stand, and whilst [...]

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Why I became a Nurture Life® Practitioner

Specialising in delivering perinatal massage therapy In February 2016, I became a Nurture Life® Practitioner for Pregnancy Massage. A lot of people view pregnancy massage as just another style of massage, and whilst this is true, there is so much more involved in a pregnancy massage. This is why I chose to study with Pregnancy Massage Australia and become a Nurture [...]

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